True story of a family death from soft drinks from cans and warning encouragement everyone should keep in mind

Surely you have heard about several members of a family and everything after the picnic was hospitalized and the doctors concluded they had Leptospira infections, lead to death after drinking fresh water directly from cans. This was very much the alert via email, social network aimed at calling on people to be careful when drinking fresh water directly from cans.

Specific content warnings from email as follows:

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: do not remove this message until you share for everyone.

Please be careful to rinse the cans, boxes of food, packaging, cereal box casing ... The stuff you buy in the supermarket 成人動漫 are stored in warehouses and in which the mouse or not you don't know.

True story about a family death by drinking fresh water from cans and warning everyone should keep in mind-Photo 2.
A lot of the call have to wash the cans before drinking fresh water has appeared (photo: Internet)

After the news that is shared, many assert that many of the details of which are not correct. And some time later, CDC (central control room and the United States) have posted the announcement:
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The CDC received several emails about reports a hanta virus infected employees while working in the warehouse. Accordingly, the infection is caused by exposure to dry waste of hanta virus containing rat, and urged readers to be careful of contact with fresh water cans, food packaging by hanta virus it can contain.

It is not true. The CDC could not prove the email content is real as well as the CDC has not yet received a request to join the test sample swabs as it describes.


Can clearly see, the habits of people from West to East, from the ancient to the present is to drink fresh water directly from cans. It is not only a convenience but also as a hobby by a cool feeling from cans of sweet water brings without struggling to find cups, ice and drinks. However, now there is no reason for you to be more careful with this hobby, habit.

On Sunday, a family picnic bring a few cans of sweet water. However, on the Monday after, two members of the family have joined the picnic was hospitalized and is in the ICU room positive. But they passed on Wednesday.

Autopsy results conclude they've Leptospira infections. This bacteria survive on cans of sweet water and they drank directly without pouring out, or use suction cup. Results of tests later showed cans of sweet water they have urine sample mouse and when dry, the mouse urine contains the Leptospira. Therefore, doctors recommend that everyone should wash the cans before drinking fresh water by the water cans after being saved in the repository will be shipped to the store without being cleaned.

A later study showed that most water cans were contaminated over public toilets (full of germs, bacteria). So, wash the cans before drinking is the work necessary to avoid infection.

True story about a family death by drinking fresh water from cans and warning everyone should keep in mind-Photo 1.
Wash the cans before drinking is the work necessary to avoid infection. (Photo: Internet)

And many, many other variations of a word of warning for the purpose of calling people should wash the cans of sweet water and drink. In fact, the call comes from a news is spread in 1998. News content as follows:

An employee was required to clean up the warehouse at the company headquarters in Maui. Upon his return, he complained that the warehouse is very dirty, he saw the mouse dead mouse feces, urine and mouse in it. A few days later, he started feeling stomach problems, joint aches, headaches, started vomiting. And then he went to bed but not never woke up. In just 2 days down, he was very sick, blood sugar reduced to 66, the eyeball and the face are yellow.

He was taken to an ambulance in Pal Momi and doctors said he suffered multiple organ dysfunction. Immediately, he was transferred to St. Francis Hospital. The doctors had to stabilize his health. They said that although there is magic help this man wake up but he will still need liver, kidney, pancreas and bladder. But he died before midnight on that day.

The doctor then asked the House whether the man had contact with dead mouse mouse droppings dry or dry or not. By having a virus (like Hanta virus) live in the dry and dead mouse mouse, mouse urine. Once dry, they will as dust, can be easily inhaled or swallowed if not carefully wash their hands, face or wear protective gear.

Autopsy work was then done to verify the doctor's suspicions, and the prototypes were sent to the CDC in Atlanta (Center for disease control and prevention)

Ignore the warning may sound compelling, but has not yet been scientifically verified, each opening cans of soft drink, you also need to note to wash clean cans. You think that wiping with a paper towel is sufficient?

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