Husband of actress "Miss Korea" Song fucked hard Seon Mi has been killed

According to the most recent information, 11h40 am on 21/8, the husband of actress Song Seon Mi woman has been killed. Song Seon Mi manager said the actress currently still very shocked after the Movie Pornstar incident and no spokesperson regarding this issue. 

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husband Seon Mi Son killed. 

Reportedly, the police caught the suspects but they continued the investigation to clarify the crime motive of the perpetrator. Audiences across the country are waiting for the latest news on the case of Song Seon Mi family 

Police said the gunman attacked by Song Seon Mi husband has no criminal record. Perpetrator nor was hired to kill the husband of actress. Reportedly, the main culprit has surrendered to police.
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Management of Song Seon Mi voiced shared with the media. 

According to company representatives actress said the incident is not related to the inheritance dispute of Song Seon Mi grandmother husband as newspapers published. Reportedly, four days before the incident, Song Seon Mi husband met the suspect. 

In 2006, Song Seon Mi married an art director. The couple have a daughter age 8. Information husband died actress made many people feel sorry for the plight of Song Seon Mi 

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Song Seon Mi once famous for his roles in Model.

Song Seon Mi was born in 1974, is the popular Korean actor. She once starred in many blockbusters such as Model, Miss Korea, War on internal supply, Ojakgyo Family ...

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