Nicole Neumann and beautiful pussy controversial confession about Poroto Cubero

The model he spoke to reporters and told her separation from her ex a fact that surprised everyone. LOOK AT THE VIDEO!

The unexpected Jav Abuse separation of Nicole Neumann (36) and Fabian Cubero Poroto (38) continues to speak. Almost a month after Yanina Latorre (48) revealed in Los Angeles in the morning (El Trece, 10.30) that the couple had come to an end, the model spoke again of the controversial break with the player and revealed a data that surprised everyone: " Fabián not yet left home ".

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In detail, Nicole returned this week its heavy agenda and in the last hours attended the presentation of a cell phone, an event to which were invited several celebrities.

With scowling and visibly distressed by hard personal moment is going through, the former lolita was approached by several journalists upon arrival at the event and had no choice but to give some explanations about their separation

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Then, the clothing designer also explained that while his former plans to move in the coming weeks, and even know what his new home, still not abandoned the matrimonial home.
" Are you still sleeping on the couch?" He inquired at the time of the movilera Confronted (Channel 9 at 18) and Nicole replied: "No, no, no .... has a room with bathroom and everything where you can sleep ".

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In addition, the notero of Fabián Domán wanted to know how he explained them to her daughters (Indiana, Allegra and Sienna Cubero) this uncomfortable situation and the blonde replied with tearful eyes: " The girls went to and see the department where you're moving and dad's all good . "

Before joining the event and saying goodbye to the press, Neumann also acknowledged that no problems would continue working with your ex . It is that, days ago, went beyond the rumor that she had fallen to the figure of Jav Bukkake Vélez campaign of a famous brand of permanent hair removal that both promoted for years.

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"I have no idea where that came from , now we have a contract and yes (would Fabian photos if necessary) would have no problem with that , " he closed, forceful.

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