Maru Botana spoke of uncomfortable beautiful sex papelón Antonio Laje

Cook referred to the "joke" for nothing funny that the journalist did in the pass cycles. 

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The awkward moment Maru Botana and panelist Fernando Carolei lived on Wednesday on the screen of America, for a "joke" by Jav Busty journalist Antonio Laje, caused a great controversy in the media and social networks.

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However, the cook defended his colleague of the criticism and even put in place to recognize that she also once "paw stuck" on the air .

Maru Botana spoke of uncomfortable papelón Antonio Laje
Carolei and Botana with the rest of team cooking for you. (Instagram)

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Recall that on Wednesday, the driver of Good Morning America , in the program Maru, the clearance Cocinando for you , wanted to make a joke about a note that had been done to Carolei in soon .

Laje asked with a tone funny and casual if you know the title of the interview he had done to his panelist and to the ignorance of that the driver showed the shocking and dramatic headline: "I told my mom had already saved died when ... ".

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" Poor Antonio, I defend it . Nothing happened, I rushed to the magazine and was the first thing that grabbed but did not know the title of the mother , " said the chef in dialogue with Clarin .

" Oh, what's that? " Was the first reaction of Air cheerleader who does not believe what his eyes saw. " Antonio, what moments cutter sos . Here you were coming to the kitchen, with everything , " Fernando managed to say, visibly upset by the bad moment that just happened.

For his part, journalist of America also took a few minutes of your time on Thursday to clarify the confusing episode that starred live yesterday.

Maru Botana spoke of uncomfortable papelón Antonio Laje
Carolei and Laje on Good Morning America. (Instagram)

"Assuming it was a mistake and without any misconduct. Do all those who attack and criticize without knowing anything are perfect?" He wrote the reporter on his Twitter account , @lajeantonio.

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Then, a user of the social network valued its attitude to recognize the error and asked why so many people in the middle says it is pedantic , what Laje said. "Because I am re low profile I'm not talking about my life, make notes, I'm shy and re closed, it looks to upset them . "

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