DNA confirms the horror of Florence, the girl beautiful tits raped and murdered in San Luis

It belongs to the stepfather, who found hanged in his cell one day after blood drawn to compare their genetic profile with that found in the body.

"Positive DNA" . So it says the report received Justice of San Luis and supports the cruel hypothesis about the horror that lived Florencia Di Marco (12) before he died was his stepfather who raped her brutally before discarding it in an open field at the edge of the Porn Parody provincial route 41, Saladilla 55 kilometers from San Luis capital. He Jav Nurse had thrown under a bridge after at least a year of suffering from that "there are times when my dad pats me" he had told her teacher as a cry for help that nobody listened and her mother labeled a lying when he was warned.

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The information was confirmed to Clarin this afternoon and is known 22 days after Lucas Gómez, accused of raping and strangling his stepdaughter, was found hanged in his prison cell Pampa de las Salinas. The day before his death had removed her blood just to compare their genetic profile with that found in the body of Florence, killed the morning of 22 March.

DNA confirms the horror of Florence, the girl raped and murdered in San Luis
Carina Di Marco, Florence mom and Lucas Gómez, stepfather who was found hanged in jail where he was imprisoned for raping and killing the girl.

On May 10 last, when he was found hanged with a tie strap made with jogging and a piece of telephone cable , Gomez left on the table he had in his cell three cards in small papers written in pencil. One was addressed to his three sons, brothers of Florence of 9, 3 and a baby two months now under the tutelage of supportive families; the other was for his mom and one for your partner Carina Di Marco, mother of the murdered little girl and her three children, where denied being the perpetrator, he said he had found her dead in her room and had discarded the body because I knew that they were going to blame .
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The horror of Florence, raped the girl that nobody listened and ended up murdered
But science did not let him lie to Gomez . The autopsy had revealed that Florence "lived a calvary before dying , " that the crime was between 4 and 6 am of the 22 March and that the baby had injuries that revealed sexual "habitual". DNA now confirmed. Beyond that four witnesses placed him the night of the murder nearby Saladilla, also it was filmed by the cameras of a toll direct passage to the area where the body was found and her own phone placed him at the scene: " his cell phone traffic was disrupted between 3.19 and 8.16 , "says an expert. Just coincides with the date of death. Hours before the murder had consumed 415 porn sites.

DNA confirms the horror of Florence, the girl raped and murdered in San Luis
Gomez was arrested a day after the murder of Florence.

"Today is a special day for all who work in this case. The result of the expertise confirmed that the course of the investigation was correct . I put a lot of effort, many hours of work and commitment. Without prejudice to the final which took Gomez, for us it is a great day , "he said the head of the Criminal Court No. 3 of San Luis, Virginia Palacios, in charge of the investigation and also arrested the mother of Florence, Carina di Marco, under the crime of "necessary participant default of sexual abuse with sexual intercourse, aggravated by the quality of guardador and the situation of existing coexistence" and "homicide criminis cause with premeditation and gender violence" that had him accused Gomez.

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What they said the 3 cards that left the stepfather of the girl raped and murdered in San Luis
To the judge's mother, Florence, processed custody, knew about the abuse and did nothing to cease and left him embodied in the case: "In sum, remained passive, inert, indifferent to martyrdom which was submitted their own daughter, just 12 years " . It is not the only one under scrutiny of justice. Palacios asked the prosecutor of the town of San Martin in Mendoza, to investigate whether the teacher to the baby last year had told her that her father touched her and the headmistress "Florentino Ameghino" not committed the crime of failure to report. Both are under administrative proceedings and suspended for 6 months.


DNA confirms the horror of Florence, the girl raped and murdered in San Luis
Florence's mother is imprisoned since early April.

But in the case, also naked Jav Censored maternal grandfather of the little girl sensed abuses by declaring that "she lived with a fear, as if he had done something, I do not know why , " besides saying that his  granddaughter told him that he " I was shaking the bed" when she slept . While Gomez's mother suspected of "strange attitude" of Florence and even told family court that her son locked himself with her after bathing.

Florence crime shocked San Luis. The girl disappeared on March 22 while his mother remained hospitalized in motherhood because Teresita Baigorria had just given birth to her fourth child. It was her stepfather who was crying to the media about the whereabouts of the baby, he said he had gone to school to get her and she was not. But the little girl had not gone to school. The next day his body was found under the bridge and river Saladillo he was who told everything that had happened and now the DNA confirmed.


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