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True story of a family death from soft drinks from cans and warning encouragement everyone should keep in mind

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Surely you have heard about several members of a family and everything after the picnic was hospitalized and the doctors concluded they had Leptospira infections, lead to death after drinking fresh water directly from cans. This was very much the alert via email, social network aimed at calling on people to be careful when drinking fresh water directly from cans.

Specific content warnings from email as follows:

IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ: do not remove this message until you share for everyone.

Please be careful to rinse the cans, boxes of food, packaging, cereal box casing ... The stuff you buy in the supermarket 成人動漫 are stored in warehouses and in which the mouse or not you don't know.

True story about a family death by drinking fresh water from cans and warning everyone should keep in mind-Photo 2.
A lot of the call have to wash the cans before drinking fresh water has appeared (photo: Internet)

After the news that is shared, many assert that many of the details of whic…

This is the risk of cancer of young emo sluts people in the future

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Young people are at risk of cancer of the rectum, colon cancer is much higher than those of previous generations by the diet "awful".

Dr. Rebecca đãn using "age-group model" – a quantitative tool designed to handle the elements to factor affects all ages. There are 490,305 cases brought into the analysis. Research shows that, from the year 1980-2013, message flutter incidence increased colon 1-2% per year in people over the age of 20-39. In adults, this ratio increased 40-54 0.5-1% per year from the mid-1990-2013.


So far, colon cancer (colorectal cancer because it starts in the colon or rectum) is considered the disease met primarily in the elderly. In the UK, near 9/10 this disease in patients aged over 60.

Previous studies have found a relationship between junk food, fast food, cake, chocolate and soda with risk. A diet of red or processed meats such as Bacon and sausages, eating less fiber ... also increases the risk …

Strange village is beautiful porn considered the "capital" of the rare substance on the planet

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In the periodic table, has ten substances are yttrium, ytterbium, Terbium, Erbium, gadolinium, thulium, scandium, Holmium, Dysprosium, Lutetium possess one common characteristic. That is they are found from a single rock sample ore excavation in an old metal mine in a small village located on the island named Ytterby Resaro (Sweden). 

Yttrium (Y), the rare earth elements were first discovered by Johan Gadolin, has been widely used in LEDs and phosphors, typically the kind of red phosphorus in the tube-cathode is used to project 免費av images inside early television. Yttrium is also used to produce electrodes, electrolytes, electronic filters, lasers, superconducting material, and many other medical applications. 
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A street was named after Terbium substances found in the legendary rock samples.

Terbim (Tb), then re-used for the semiconductor to produce electronic devices semiconductors such as memory cards, switches ... but most supply this material in the world are used in t…

3 time must not be because uk porn party of "dangerous relationship"

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If you have some time not having sex as minor absolutely. 1. When the mood is bad "" can help people relax. The researchers found that in Scotland, brain chemicals than endorphin and oxytocin, compared Japan Porn to help you feel comfortable to the dependent difficulties of high stress situations with said crowd, who have at least one relationship, in about two weeks.

https://realhomemadevideos.com/tag/strapon/ However, if the mood during , tension, fear may bring an action, which is to make it worse, and even lead to out of control, affect the quality is not good, "is this love". So the relation of time You should have time to stop sexual relations will be very good. Examples of image 2. When sick, reduce the health

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"The relationship between husband and wife, the activities of the male and female power lost a lot of free activities, with a strong emotional heart rate increased faster. After ejaculation, the penis of the male in the expansion sta…

Skin masks fall "vitamin sabrine maui supplements" for your skin

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3 types of skin cooling mask, exfoliating and reduce oily skin looks after will bring smooth, youthful you in weather-season switch to receiver. 
August, September, Sun switched to receiver. This is when the season, the heat is still that the weather has incipient loss arcade, this time the weather is very detrimental to the skin. "Beauty Consultant" This amateur gangbang period will introduce you to the simple beauty recipes to nourish skin to skin vitamin necessary always bright, smooth and youthful. 
Cool leather mask (especially good for oily skin) 
- 3 teaspoons of oatmeal; 
- 2 teaspoons chopped parsley; 
- 1/2 grapefruit. 

cooling mask with grapefruit skin and oats
homemade doggystyle
Mix oats with parsley in a bowl. Grapefruit juice extractor and filter and then pour the mixture into mashed. To the 5 minutes, then rub all over face. Wait 15 minutes and then wash your face gently with warm water. Finally, apply tonic and moisturizing cream. 
Masks of carrots 
- carrots 1/2 smal…

Husband of actress "Miss Korea" Song fucked hard Seon Mi has been killed

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According to the most recent information, 11h40 am on 21/8, the husband of actress Song Seon Mi woman has been killed. Song Seon Mi manager said the actress currently still very shocked after the Movie Pornstar incident and no spokesperson regarding this issue. 

husband of actress "Miss Korea" song has been killed seon mi - 1 

husband Seon Mi Son killed. 

Reportedly, the police caught the suspects but they continued the investigation to clarify the crime motive of the perpetrator. Audiences across the country are waiting for the latest news on the case of Song Seon Mi family 

Police said the gunman attacked by Song Seon Mi husband has no criminal record. Perpetrator nor was hired to kill the husband of actress. Reportedly, the main culprit has surrendered to police.
husband of actress "Miss Korea" song has been killed seon mi - 2 

Management of Song Seon Mi voiced shared with the media. 

According to company representatives actress…

The future occupation model doll from the table, because Watch Jav of falling in love with DJ

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There are a lot of beautiful career "in the world, but in the rotating disk, mostly stone level, but is different with Amy Jav Cosplay Jane brand! You have officially signed kosher - became the first woman to head a military organization.

Amy Jane brand is one of the most love DJ, is a family in kosher company
When his wish DJ work, many people think that the future of the United States and two Swedish descent, you just say "lying", you don't want to eat porridge! But first hand the Amy Jane warm welcome, destroy all think this is only suitable for men and women to participate in the work, if there is, just for beautiful eyes! DJ is not my best love Amy jane. Know, from 18 years old when first seen performing artists professional DJ, homemade wife sharing beautiful to be loved, not stop practicing in the bedroom.
You may become a model, just the first step in order to achieve the dream of DJ. He can dream of luxury and inconsistent, but Ms. Amy Jane has p…