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Husband of actress "Miss Korea" Song fucked hard Seon Mi has been killed

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According to the most recent information, 11h40 am on 21/8, the husband of actress Song Seon Mi woman has been killed. Song Seon Mi manager said the actress currently still very shocked after the incident and no spokesperson regarding this issue. 
husband of actress "Miss Korea" song has been killed seon mi - 1 

husband Seon Mi Son killed. 

Reportedly, the police caught the suspects but they continued the investigation to clarify the crime motive of the perpetrator. Audiences across the country are waiting for the latest news on the case of Song Seon Mi family 

Police said the gunman attacked by Song Seon Mi husband has no criminal record. Perpetrator nor was hired to kill the husband of actress. Reportedly, the main culprit has surrendered to police.

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Management of Song Seon Mi voiced shared with the media. 

According to company representatives actress said the incident is not related to the inheritance dis…

The future occupation model doll from the table, because Watch Jav of falling in love with DJ

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There are a lot of beautiful career "in the world, but in the rotating disk, mostly stone level, but is different with Amy Jane brand! You have officially signed kosher - became the first woman to head a military organization.

Amy Jane brand is one of the most love DJ, is a family in kosher company

When his wish DJ work, many people think that the future of the United States and two Swedish descent, you just say "lying", you don't want to eat porridge! But first hand the Amy Jane warm welcome, destroy all think this is only suitable for men and women to participate in the work, if there is, just for beautiful eyes! DJ is not my best love Amy jane. Know, from 18 years old when first seen performing artists professional DJ, beautiful to be loved, not stop practicing in the bedroom. You may become a model, just the first step in order to achieve the dream of DJ. He can dream of luxury and inconsistent, but Ms. Amy Jane has proved that the only real passion, all I have…

Nicole Neumann and controversial confession about Poroto Cubero

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The model he spoke to reporters and told her separation from her ex a fact that surprised everyone. LOOK AT THE VIDEO!

The unexpected Jav Abuse separation of Nicole Neumann (36) and Fabian Cubero Poroto (38) continues to speak. Almost a month after Yanina Latorre (48) revealed in Los Angeles in the morning (El Trece, 10.30) that the couple had come to an end, the model spoke again of the controversial break with the player and revealed a data that surprised everyone: " Fabián not yet left home ".

In detail, Nicole returned this week its heavy agenda and in the last hours attended the presentation of a cell phone, an event to which were invited several celebrities.

With scowling and visibly distressed by hard personal moment is going through, the former lolita was approached by several journalists upon arrival at the event and had no choice but to give some explanations about their separation

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Nicole Neumann paraded a wedding dress between cartels against ge…

Maru Botana spoke of uncomfortable papelón Antonio Laje

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Cook referred to the "joke" for nothing funny that the journalist did in the pass cycles. 

The awkward moment Maru Botana and panelist Fernando Carolei lived on Wednesday on the screen of America, for a "joke" by Jav Busty journalist Antonio Laje, caused a great controversy in the media and social networks.

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Papelón Antonio Laje with Maru Botana
However, the cook defended his colleague of the criticism and even put in place to recognize that she also once "paw stuck" on the air .

Maru Botana spoke of uncomfortable papelón Antonio Laje
Carolei and Botana with the rest of team cooking for you. (Instagram)

Recall that on Wednesday, the driver of Good Morning America , in the program Maru, the clearance Cocinando for you , wanted to make a joke about a note that had been done to Carolei in soon .

Laje asked with a tone funny and casual if you know the title of the interview he had done to his panelist and to the ignorance of that the driver showed th…

DNA confirms the horror of Florence, the girl raped and murdered in San Luis

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It belongs to the stepfather, who found hanged in his cell one day after blood drawn to compare their genetic profile with that found in the body.

"Positive DNA" . So it says the report received Justice of San Luis and supports the cruel hypothesis about the horror that lived Florencia Di Marco (12) before he died was his stepfather who raped her brutally before discarding it in an open field at the edge of the provincial route 41, Saladilla 55 kilometers from San Luis capital. He Jav Nurse had thrown under a bridge after at least a year of suffering from that "there are times when my dad pats me" he had told her teacher as a cry for help that nobody listened and her mother labeled a lying when he was warned.

The information was confirmed to Clarin this afternoon and is known 22 days after Lucas Gómez, accused of raping and strangling his stepdaughter, was found hanged in his prison cell Pampa de las Salinas. The day before his death had removed her blood just to c…